Timepad Bibliotheque

You wish to enhance your turnover. Choose a support, which answers these two questions.

  • 1/ How can I enhance the value of my brand, my product, my event, my services?
  • 2/ How can I reach, gain loyalty and develop my target market while remaining performant ?

Our solution: An innovative and unique “In Home” display, the Timepad3D.

Multi-purpose : marketing, promotional tool, trophy, point of sale, souvenir, gift…
The only support which offers you a permanent presence in the home, office, shop, or event; viewed several times a day, all year long, and reaching the extended entourage of your clients, the captive audience, with the opportunities to enhance turnover for an unequaled performance and competitiveness.

An innovative creation which guarantees in a sure, immediate and long-term effect your visibility.

PROMOTION – Communicate differently, value the event, the brand, and the company with elegance, and personalize its presence in a prestigious and original way. Your expectations in communication will find a solution with this innovative creation. Its visibility remains present and permanent in the home and office.

SEDUCTION – By its originality, quality, personality and elegance, this creation is perfectly adapted to become an object of seduction and emotional utility : memory of event, emotional interest or leading product

EXCLUSIVITY – Registered design in the INPI, the exclusivity and force of our creationt is also ensured by its excellent contact cost. This will make it an inescapable support in the world.

BUSINESS – A creation which is a real alternative to the traditional support and guaranteed you an unmatched contact cost.