Timepad 3D contre un mur

Created and produced exclusively in France by our partner.

The TIMEPAD 3D is composed of three assembled elements.

  • A PMMA plate printed and on one face.
  • A translucide plate engraved on one face.
  • An integrated quartz time piece.

A dimension of 18 x 23 x 2.3 cm and a weight of approximately 850gr
The production capacity of the TIMEPAD 3D is 1000 units per day
Adheres to European Safety Standards


Innovation and the 3D result is the mix of different techniques and materials.
Each creation can have personalized engraving down the logo and the clock for. (Additional packaging)

Associated on the same ceation no less than different print techniques, mixing colors and highlights. The engraving in the translucent ‘Altuglas’ lights the printed white color base. The result is the accentuation of your brand in 3D which varies depending on the light.

The markable surface is 10 cm in diameter .

To place your logo on this surface area we require the following information from you which you’ll have to send to us by mail.

  • A file containing your logo under Adobe Illustrator version 10 (or previous) (compatible with Mac)
  • Text in a vectorized format
  • Pantone references to the print colours

Before manufacturing your TIMEPAD 3D, we will forward to you by e-mail a design proof (“BAT”) which provides you with all details concerning the personalization.
You will need to approve this to avoid any error and return to us before the manufacturing process is commenced.

The authenticity certificate

Engraved in the bottom of each clock the name of “TIMEPAD3D.COM”


We endeavour to propose customized solutions, whether it is in terms of cost or delivery time , by air, maritime, rail or road freight and under 24 hours. Official inquiry. We deal with export declarations and administrative formalities